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30106 - Billy Jealousy Wipe Out Eye Cream
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  Eye Cream
Arnold Kann - Houston   (Tuesday, February 19, 2008)

I have used this product for a long time. I think any irritation had by this product could be from misuse. The product is supposed to be used on the orbital bone, not right under the eye. I made the same mistake. I also noticed with this product, the reduction of puffiness under my eyes, its longer lasting and less time consuming than home remedy of putting cucumbers over your eyes. I think it is an outstanding product and recommend it to all.

  Eye cream
Arnold - SF   (Sunday, August 19, 2007)

I had good results with this product it does seem to reduce bags under my eyes. And a little goes a long way.

  Billy Eye Cream
Jack Cohen - New York   (Thursday, November 10, 2005)

I was very displeased with this product. I experienced a burning sensation underneath my eye and had to discontinue usage.

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